Finding a Patient

Quick Search

The main function of the Patients tab is to make it easy for you to find and access any patient in our system. You can start your search by typing all or part of an active or inactive patient’s name into the search bar. As you type, you will see a list of suggested search results, or you can click the Search button to generate a full list of search results.

Don’t remember how a patient's name is spelled? The Search box allows you to search based on partial names. Just type the first few letters in a Last Name, First Name format, and you will see a list of all available matches.

Patient Information

Once you have found the correct patient, click on his or her name to view the Patient Information tab of the Patient Profile. This tab contains the patient’s name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and birthday, all copied directly from your patient management system.

A patient’s responsible party will have his or her own profile and Patient Information tab. If the patient is the responsible party, you can use the icon next to the person’s name to determine if you are looking at the profile for his or her patient or responsible party account. Patient accounts have a single green silhouette icon, whereas responsible party accounts have a dual silhouette icon: one green and one blue.

patient profile - 02.PNG

Editing Patient Information

By clicking the Edit button you can add, delete, or alter phone numbers or email addresses directly from your Member Dashboard. This information stays in our system and will not be removed or replaced by new information from your practice management system (nor will it replace what is in your practice management system).

To delete an email or phone number, click the blue “minus” symbol next to the text field.

Text and Voice

When your upload PC sends us an upload, we receive patient phone numbers from your practice management system. These numbers are labeled in our system as either Home, Cell, Work, or Unknown, based on how they are labeled in your practice management system. If you have Voice reminders, phone numbers marked as Home are automatically enabled for Voice reminders. If you wish to disable reminders for a phone number, you can do so from the Patient Settings tab. Only one phone can be enabled for Voice reminders.

If you have asked us to automatically enable all patients for SMS text messaging, then phone numbers marked as Cell are automatically enabled for Text reminders. Otherwise, you must manually enable Text reminders by checking the Text box. To disable a patient for text, deselect the check box here. Multiple phone numbers can be enabled for text.

MD-Patients Edit Patient.jpg

Other Edits

All other information, including patient names, must be edited in your practice management system. These changes will be updated in our system after your next successful upload.

Profile Completeness

100% profile completeness is achieved by having a physical address, a phone number, a phone enabled for text messaging, and an email address. 

Patient Quick Stats

The Patient Quick Stats box lets you know if a patient is considered Active or Inactive. You will also see the party or parties responsible for that patient, the patient’s Next and Last appointment date, and any referrals for that patient.

By clicking the Responsible Party’s name you will go to the profile page of the Responsible Party.

patient profile - 04.PNG


The box below the Patient Quick Stats allows you to make notes on a patient’s or responsible party’s profile. This may be helpful for tracking when changes are made to the profile, such as why text was disabled or an email address was changed.

Still have questions?

Members of our support team are available Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM until 5:00 PM Pacific. You can reach us Toll Free at 888-416-8431.