Email Financial Reminders

The Financial page gives you access to all the email messages and reminders related to patient financial information - including courtesy reminders for past-due balances, payment receipts, and reminders for expiring benefits.

Check out the Editing an Email Message page for more information about changing the content of your Email Reminders!

Financial Messages

Financial Reminder

When enabled, this email will be sent to patients who have an overdue balance. While the financial information used to determine when a balance is overdue comes from your practice management system, you can use the setting at the bottom of this page to control how soon after payment is due that a patient receives this reminder.

In this case, if payment is not current eight days after it was posted, your patient will receive the reminder.

Financial reminders combine the patient and insurance balance, so patients may receive reminders for overdue insurance payments.

Expiring Benefits

The Expiring Benefits reminder can be sent up to five months before the end of a patient’s insurance year, to remind them about any remaining benefits they have available for that plan year.

Flex Spending

Like the Expiring Benefits reminder, this email is used to inform patients of any remaining balance in their Flex Spending account. This email can also be sent up to five months before the end of the plan year. All information related to a patient’s Flex Spending Plan comes from what the patient has input in his or her Flex Spending Tool.

Payment Receipt

If your office has a Transfirst account for online payments, you will see the Payment Receipt tab in addition to your other Financial reminders. From this page, you can configure your Payment Receipt reminder to notify your patients when their payment has been processed.

Don't see the Payment Receipt tab? Contact Member Services at 866 537-8272 to discuss enabling Transfirst for online payments!

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