SesameShare FAQs

  • If I connect my personal Facebook account, will it show me as the person posting?
  • No, your personal Facebook page is used only as a method to log in to SesameShare. Once within SesameShare, posts will appear to come directly from the practice's account.

  • What about Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media networks?
  • While we plan to add additional networks soon, at this time only Facebook and YouTube are supported.

  • Once I submit blog content, how long will it take to post to my website and Facebook page?
  • In most cases, your content will be posted by the date and time chosen when submitting the content. However, there may be times when, due to the amount of requests submitted, there is a delay in getting your content posted. We will make every effort to communicate these delays to you in a timely manner, should they arise.

  • I used to send photos to my Specialist to post. Why do I have to post them myself now?
  • Content that tells the story of your practice is the best kind! This tool was created to streamline the process to allow you to tell your story and make it easier, and quicker for your office to add awesome content to your networks!

  • Can I send multiple photos to one post through SesameShare?
  • Yes!  Check out our Help page on Sharing Photos and Videos for more information.

  • I'm tired of using a bookmark. Is there an easier way to access the tool?
  • Yes! From an iPhone or iPad add SesameShare to your home screen by clicking on the SesameShare - iPhone Icon.png icon in your taskbar then select “Add to Home Screen”.

    SesameShare - iPhone Desktop.png

  • What devices and browsers are supported?
  • The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9 and above are supported. Current versions of iPhone, iPad, and Android based devices also supported.

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