Daily Schedule

Navigating the Schedule

You can access your Sesame Daily Schedule from the Schedule tab at the top of each page of your Member Dashboard, the Quick Jump calendar in the left panel (see fig. 1 below), or from the Today's Schedule link located within Quick Links (see fig. 2 below) at the bottom of each page in the Dashboard.

Member Dashboard-Schedule qj.png
fig. 1

Quick Links.PNG
fig. 2

The blue buttons to either side of the day’s date will allow you to navigate forward and backward by one date. To pick a specific date, use the Quick Jump calendar located on the left panel of your Member Dashboard.

If your office has multiple locations, we will default to the first location alphabetically. To switch between locations, just use the location drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of your screen. You can adjust the display name for your locations in this menu and your reminders through the General Settings tab.

A printable PDF version of your Daily Schedule displaying all information is also available at the Printable version link at the top right corner of the schedule.

Patient Information

Your daily schedule will display a list of patients and appointment times that we’ve populated from your practice management system. This list can be sorted by patient name or by time by clicking on “Patient” or “Time” on the top bar.

Appointments associated with disabled procedure codes will not display on your Daily Schedule. Please see our Procedure Codes page for more information on how to manage these codes.


You can quickly identify your confirmations for the day by reviewing the Confirmed column. The icons here will indicate whether or not a patient has confirmed his or her appointment. There are five possible confirmation statuses.

Member Dashboard-Schedule conf email.png Patient has confirmed via email reminder
Member Dashboard-Schedule conf voice.png Patient has confirmed via voice reminder
Member Dashboard-Schedule conf text.png Patient has confirmed via text reminder
Member Dashboard-Schedule conf pp.png Patient has confirmed via his or her Patient Pages
Member Dashboard-Schedule conf office.png Office has confirmed the patient using the Daily Schedule or their Practice Management System

You can confirm a patient’s appointment by clicking the Confirm button in the far right column. Please note that there is no way to remove a confirmation from an appointment.


This column will display whether patients have an email address registered with Sesame, either on their own account or on an unblocked Responsible Party account.

Member Dashboard-Schedule email check.png   Indicates the patient has an email address registered
 Member Dashboard-Schedule email set date.png  Indicates that a patient does not have an email address registered


Your office can use the Set Date button to track when you have requested an e-mail address from unregistered patients. If the patient indicates that they don't want to provide Sesame with an e-mail address, just click the button and it will change to display the current date, and you will know when you've last asked them for this information.


The Profile bar indicates the “completeness” of a patient’s contact information in Sesame. This bar is filled according to the following criteria.

If your office uses Sesame Voice
  • Patient has a physical address
  • Patient has an email address
  • Patient has a phone number registered for Voice calls
  • Patient has a phone number registered for text reminders
If your office does not use Sesame Voice
  • Patient has a physical address
  • Patient has an email address
  • Patient has a phone number
  • Patient has a phone number registered for text reminders
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