On the Reviews page you can find the results of the Post-Appointment Surveys that have been submitted by your patients. 

Aggregate View

When you first visit the Reviews page, you will see a list of survey questions with answers aggregated from your patient responses; which means that it contains the collective response of patients for each individual question. If your survey includes custom questions, answers to those will appear under Additional Questions at the bottom of the aggregate view. By default you will see an aggregate of the last 30 days of reviews, however you can change this by clicking on the drop down menu to view a different time frame. You can find out who has left a specific response to one of your custom questions by clicking on that response. This will open the survey from which it came.


If your office has multiple doctors, you can choose to see only reviews for a specific doctor by choosing that doctor’s name from the filter drop-down. By viewing the list in the drop-down menu, you can also easily see how many reviews each doctor has received.


Surveys Received

Clicking the Surveys Received button in the upper right-hand corner will open a window with a list of all surveys that have been received. If you have chosen to view survey results for a specific doctor, only those surveys will appear in this list. You can sort this list by clicking on either Patient Name or Date at the top of each respective column.

Surveys Received.PNG

If you would like to see the results of a specific survey, simply double-click on the patient's name in the list and the survey results will be displayed. By clicking the “Printable Version” link, you can get a printer-friendly version of the survey results. When you are finished reading those results, click on the Back button to return to the list, or close the window using the “X” button in the top right corner.


View Archived Surveys

If you have been using Ortho or Dental Sesame since before 2014, and previously sent out Post-Appointment Surveys, you can access your older survey results by going to View Archived Surveys in the lower right-hand corner. Because the older version of the Post-Appointment Survey had a different format, those answers are not visible in the main aggregated view.

Clicking "View Archived Surveys" will open a new window that has an aggregate view of your old survey data. You can also click the Surveys Received button on this page to get a list of all survey results received through the old system.

Click "Back to new surveys" to return to the main page of your survey results.

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