Understanding Your Report

Each month you will receive your Healthgrades Performance report, with a review of the traffic to your Enhanced Profile, as well as the calls that were generated by this traffic.

Call Tracking Data

The first section of the Healthgrades Performance report is dedicated to the tracking number placed on your Enhanced Profile. This number is specific to your office, and is used to determine how many calls your office receives from potential new patients who visit your Enhanced Profile.

The top portion of your Call Tracking Data is divided into two columns, with the column on the left representing calls for the reporting month, and the right column representing calls for the previous reporting month. These statistics will let you know how many people are calling you, and how long they are talking to your office when they call.

The bottom of this section includes your Calls By Status This Month to indicate the status of each of your calls, whether they were answered by someone in your office or not.

Traffic Data

The bottom section of your Healthgrades Performance report is dedicated to the website traffic received by your Enhanced Profile. Like the section above it, this section is divided into two columns, where traffic for the current reporting month is on the left and traffic for the previous reporting month is on the right.

Your “Total Impressions” is the total number of times any page was loaded on your Enhanced Profile, while the “Total Visits” shows the number of times someone loaded a page on your profile for the first time in 30 minutes."Unique Visitors" shows the total number of people who visited any page on your profile in a given month. “Surveys Published” is a record of how many new surveys were published on your profile this month. This includes patients submitting a Post-Appointment Feedback Survey through Sesame, or visiting your profile directly and submitting a survey.

Finally, there is a report of the number of appointment requests that were received online, from your profile.

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