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Posted by jjohnson on March 21, 2017


Our Social team is always keeping up with the best practices so that we can help our clients stay on track with their social media management. Naturally, a big part of managing your social media comes down to patient retention. How do you keep existing patients engaged with you online? How do you attract new ones? The answer is simple: by staying informed about what’s trending in the social media realm, and making sure you’re part of the conversation.  

There are many ways to find trending topics on your own. Many social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Google+, and even Reddit have their own trending sections that are great to reference. If you see multiple social media outlets covering the same trending news, you’re more likely to have engagement when you post it on your page. Think about it, when you see something posted by multiple people you know online, you’re more likely to want to read about it. We are curious creatures, after all.

As we’ve mentioned before, a common misperception when doing social media for a business is that you should only be posting content related to your practice. This is not always true. Starting conversations and posting engaging content will spark interest in your patients and let them know you’re informed about what’s going on in the world, whether or not it’s related to teeth. While you may find ways to incorporate your practice into buzz content you find,it’s by no means necessary.

When sharing trending content, it’s important that you make sure your sources are reliable. No one likes to see spam links and articles across their Facebook newsfeed. There are a few ways to tell if a source is reliable or not. First, look at the author or sponsor of the page. Are there obvious reasons for bias? Specific news outlets sometimes fall left or right, so make sure to post content that is unbiased and avoid anything involving strong opinions. Next, make sure to check that the page is still active. If it’s not, it’s likely that the website isn’t maintained and the information may not be current or accurate. Also, be sure that the information can be verified in some other way. If it’s a trending news topic, chances are it will be pretty easy to verify as other, well-known reliable sources will probably cover it too. Verifying your content’s accuracy is crucial before sharing it on your social page for all to see.

Sesame Social encourages your practice to keep up with trending content in order to keep your audience as engaged as possible. By incorporating current trends into the content your practice posts, you will not only strengthen relationships with patients through engagement but also boost your credibility and relevancy online.