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Raising Brand Awareness and Engagement on Social Starts in the Office

Posted by ryanz on May 17, 2016

We know that it’s pretty easy for a practice to become overwhelmed when trying to increase the awareness of their brand online through social media. After all, there are many different social media channels out there and what seems like a million different ways to utilize them to grow your practice. We see some practices attempt to drive patients to like their Facebook page or follow their Instagram channel by trying to reward them with a gift card or bigger prizes, while others might try to pay for advertising on Facebook. These are both valid, popular, and often successful ways to improve your practice’s online awareness. However, there is also another way to help your efforts; one that we often see practices overlook!

Nobody knows the ins and outs of your office and your business’ personality and voice quite like you and your staff! Together, you and your team can post a lot of great content that will help generate more engagement and awareness on Facebook and on your other social media networks.

Here are a few ways that you and your staff can help boost your awareness and engagement on social:

  • Mention your social networks to patients in office. This can be as simple as asking patients if they’ve liked your page on Facebook when they’re in the waiting room.
  • Take photos around the office. We know there are some great opportunities to capture your personality and story with photos each and every day. Social media is the best platform to show this. Is someone celebrating a birthday? Maybe an anniversary with the practice? Events and fun around the office are a great way to boost morale among the staff but also show your current and potential patients that you’re having a good time.
  • Have your staff like your page and then share it with their own friends and family! Your staff takes pride in working with you, and we think they’ll be happy to like the practice’s Facebook page and share with others just what separates your practice from everyone else!
  • Ask your staff to share their own family photos or fun stories with your patient base (if they are comfortable with this idea, of course!). We have found that current patients and even folks looking for a dentist or orthodontist will look to social media to help them get to know the practice better. When you and your staff share your own personalities and stories, this can be a tremendous way to advertise your practice in a way that people connect with!

These are just a few ways that you and your staff can help your social media prowess and performance. Have you found new and innovative ways that you and your staff leverage to increase business awareness and engagement? Maybe a few best practices that work really well for your office? We’d love to know!

-The Sesame Social Team