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Make Pokémon GO for Your Practice

Posted by ryanz on August 10, 2016

Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm—it is now the most downloaded mobile gaming app in the United States. While you may be amused at the hordes of people (most between the ages of 12 and 30) who are capturing Bulbasaurs and Wartortles, you should also consider the implications this game could have on your practice.

Here are some ideas to take advantage of the Pokémon craze in your office:

  • Pay for a “Lure Module” to be placed near your practice
    • This is a Pokémon GO app feature that will attract Pokémon to a location
    • This will require making an In-App purchase, for more information on how to do this visit the Pokémon GO help site by clicking here
  • Take pictures of Pokémon and PokeBalls found in your office and use SesameShare to post them to your social media networks
  • Set up Pokémon-related office events, like scavenger hunts or a patient appreciation Pokémon hunt event (have snacks/drinks before or after)
  • Create a “best photo contest” where patients post their Pokémon photos to your page and tag your office
  • Have printable Pokémon content (coloring books, puzzles, etc.) which you can search for on Google

If you have more questions about the Pokémon GO app be sure to visit the Pokémon GO Help site!

How can the Sesame Social Team help?

While we can’t provide Pokémon GO app support, the Social Team can:

  • Provide Pokémon GO content in your SesameShare library. The Sesame Social Media team wants to stress that due to copyright laws these images are not intended for commercial use or service promotion. These images of were created to help you engage with your followers playing Pokémon GO.  If you have questions about image usage feel free to contact the Sesame Social Media Team
    • To find Pokémon GO content log into your SesameShare account (If you don’t have your username and password handy email the social team at [email protected])
    • Then click on the content library option on the right hand side of the dashboard and enter Pokémon into the search bar.
    • Once you select the Pokémon GO image you want to use, add a personalized message for your office and select post to social media. You Pokémon GO graphic is now live!
  • Create blog posts to promote Pokémon-related events
    • In your Sesameshare portal select the blog questionnaire option
    • Then chose office event/promotion questionnaire from the drop down menu
    • Fill out the questionnaire with as many details about the event you can
    • Click submit and the Sesame Social Media team will work to create your custom blog.
  • Advise on how to use paid advertising on Facebook to promote office events
  • Promote previous blog posts and help articles

We hope this helps, and happy hunting!

-The Sesame Social Team