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Engage Your Facebook Audience with Video

Posted by ryanz on December 17, 2015

When it comes to social media marketing, it is really important to find great new ways to create content that engages your audience. So how do you find those effective ideas that will draw your patients and potential new patients into your posts? Start by looking at the numbers.

According to recently released statistics by Facebook, there are more than 1 billion video views on their social media network daily! Whether it’s a music video, a clip of funny kittens, or news coverage, there’s one thing that we know – video content on Facebook is a big deal. With so much interaction on posted videos, this is a great opportunity for your practice to take of advantage of the trend and increase your fan engagement.

Here are a few different video ideas to consider for your Facebook page that don’t take a ton of work or production value, but can give an extra boost to your engagement:

Testimonials: On our Sesame Search Education YouTube channel, we’ve stressed the importance of video testimonials for your YouTube page. This is also something that can be posted directly to your Facebook page. One trend our social media team is noticing is that Facebook tends to favor videos uploaded and posted right in Facebook rather than posted links to YouTube videos. So, next time you upload that awesome patient testimonial to your YouTube channel, don’t forget to post it to Facebook exclusively as well!

Around the Office: There are moments that stand out in the day-to-day of the office that can be excellent opportunities for a short video. Whether they are touching or funny, these moments can go a long way in telling your practice’s story to current and potential new patients. Having a camera phone handy and ready to take video can really help your office capture awesome content that will resonate with your fans and earn engagement.

Holiday: With the holiday season just around the corner, try to capture some creative ways that your office celebrates. Maybe it’s a staff member or doctor talking about what they’re thankful for. Or, maybe your office is adventurous enough to lip-sync a favorite holiday song! Remember: these don’t have to be long, full productions! Your videos can be short and meaningful while really winning your practice some great engagement on your Facebook page!

If there is one thing we can tell you about the recent trends on Facebook, it’s that video continues to become a more prominent way that people share and interact on social media. Spending time capturing and posting video on Facebook can really help take your social media effectiveness to the next level!