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"Ask A Question About My Services or Editing My Website"

If you have any questions about your website, the services we offer or the website editing process, please contact our Member Services team. Our Member Services team can be reached using the Sesame Support Form or by phone at 866 537-8272.


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"Edit My Own Website or Learn About DIY Editing"

Your Sesame website is hosted on one of our Do It Yourself editing platforms, to allow you the ability to make simple updates to the content of your website. If you are interested in learning more about DIY editing, please visit our DIY Editing Introduction to find out which editor you're using, view tutorials or training webinars.


If you already use DIY editing and need help logging in or activating features in your DIY editor, please use this contact form to let us know!

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"Request a Website Edit From Sesame"

If you have a website edit request that you would like to submit to Sesame, you can use our Website Edit Request Form to send us the necessary information. Please be aware that this form is submitted to our Edits Team as billable work, at a rate of $100 an hour. Only use this form if you know exactly what updates you would like to make!


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Our Member Services team is available Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM until 5:00 PM Pacific. You can reach us Toll Free at 866 537-8272 (outside of North America, dial +1 206 458-7700) - or use our Contact Form to send us an email.