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Online Booking & Booking Center

Welcome to the new face of Online Booking.  With Demandforce’s Online Booking system, your business is able to customize and improve the accuracy of  the entire booking experience from the time your clients click to request an appointment to placing the booking in the management system. Thanks to the multitude of ways your office can customize the booking experience, our system produces a more accurate and efficient appointment booking workflow for both your business & its patrons.  With Online Booking your office can design & manage:

  • New & Existing Client Booking Reasons 
  • Recall-Type Booking Reasons
  • General Calendar Blocks (Schedules) & Holiday Closures
  • Provider-specific Calendar Blocks
With Online Booking, your business has access to rich & booking information in the Online Booking Center that quickly identifies your:
  • Most popular Booking Request sources
  • Total of new client Booking Requests  
  • Total of returning client Booking Requests
From the Booking Center, your office can also: 
  • Manage Booking Requests
  • View Booking Request Details 

Booking Requests

Online Booking allows your existing & prospective clients to request appointments displayed on a calendar of available appointments.  The calendar of available appointments is produced from a combination of synced management system appointment data and settings configured within the portal.

With the additions of synced appointment data & Online Booking Settings the resulting appointment requests are much more accurate & easily managed, meaning less time for your office to handle requests.  Depending upon how closely your management system works with Online Booking, our system could reduce the guesswork in filling appointment requests, offering a fulfillable request each time.


Online Booking has 3 main Settings to control the accuracy of the Booking request process for your clients;  these include: 

  • General Settings 
  • Booking Reasons 
  • Providers

In the following sections of this article, you will find instructions for navigating these settings to configure Online Booking.  The changes that you make within these settings will be reflected within the Booking Request interface from which your clients request appointments (see image in the Booking Request section of this article).

Setup Wizard

If you’d like assistance configuring the Online Booking feature, you can use the Online Booking Setup Wizard in Booking Settings to guide you through creating multiple Booking Reasons at once. 

The Online Booking Setup Wizard is designed to take you step-by-step through the creation & configuration of Booking Reasons and highlight a few follow-up tasks that will enhance your office’s use of Online Booking

Note: For clients new to Online Booking, the Online Booking Setup Wizard will automatically initiate upon accessing Booking Settings the first time. You can access the Setup Wizard in Online Booking Settings at any time in the future from the Booking Reason landing page.

To initiate the Setup Wizard: 

1. Click Leads on the left-navigation bar. 
2. Click Online Booking.
3. Click  Booking Settings. 

4. Click +Create New at the top-right of the Booking Settings page.

5. Click Multiple Booking Reasons.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to create & configure multiple Booking Reasons.

7. Once you’ve completed the creation of the Booking Reasons, you will visit the final page/step prompting you to customize your Booking Reasons (image, below).

Click Customize to return to Booking Settings and further define individual Booking Reason configurations; for example, you can: 

For further instruction on completing the individual tasks above, click the linked sections above to navigate to that portion of this article.

Booking Settings


Booking Reasons are the appointment types that your client selects when they request a booking with your office (Booking Request interface, image below).

To access Booking Reasons, click Leads on the blue navigation bar, then open the Online Booking drop-down, and click Booking Settings.

Create Booking Reasons

1. From Booking Reasons, click the +CREATE NEW button at the top-right of the page. 

General Info

a. Type a Name for the Booking Reason.
Note:  This is the name that will appear when clients are requesting an appointment with your office.  
b. Optional: Type a short description of the Booking Reason. 
Note: This is an optional section that will appear on the Online Booking request flow when your clients select a Booking Reasons to request; see image below. 

c. Select whether the Booking is for New, Existing, and/or Recall requests.  
Note: Recall will only appear as an option for offices using an Automated Recall system. Selecting this option will drive patients to request an appointment for the Booking Reason, when they receive Recall communications for their selected management system due dates.
  • Select the applicable recall procedure in the field that appears upon clicking Recall.

Booking Rules


Advanced Booking 
In this section, you can configure how many days in advance a booking request must be submitted. When clients request an appointment with your office, the indicated number of business days prior to the appointment will not populate availability.  

To configure this setting:
a. Click the checkbox under Advanced Booking.
b. Enter the number of business days in advance an appointment must be requested.
c. To save changes & close Booking Reason Settings, click Save.  
Note:  If your clients do not have to book in-advance, then leave the checkbox unchecked, and continue making edits to the Booking Reason. Click Save at the bottom-right of the page when you’ve completed your work. 

In this section you will configure the amount of time that a Booking Reason should take for the client.  This is displayed to the requester upon selecting a Booking Reason for their appointment. 

a. Click Edit to the right of a Booking Reason. 
b. Click the input field under Duration in Booking Rules. 
c. Type the desired  appointment duration in minutes. 
d. Continue editing the Booking Reason, or click Save to close.

Note: You can adjust the time needed for a Booking Reason when you set up the available providers for that Reason; this can include prep/clean-up time for which the client does not need to be present. See Add Resources for additional information.


In the Resources section of a Booking Reason, configure the operatories (if applicable) & providers for a given Booking Reason. This section allows our system to read your management system’s available/unavailable appointment data to produce the most accurate request possible from your clients.

Add Resources (Operatories)
If applicable, add an Operatory to the Booking Reason, first: 
a. Click +Add Operatory
b. Click the checkbox next to the appropriate Operatories. You can add more than one Operatory at once to a Booking Reason. 
c. Click Add
d. The Operatories will appear in the Resource panel with the addition of an +Add Providers button.
e. Continue to add Providers to each Operatory using the instructions in the following section. 

Note: If our system does not sync operatories/stations from your management system, the default option in the Resources section will be Providers. In this case, skip "Add Resources (Operatories), and continue on to "Add Providers & Bookable Hours," in the section below. 

Add Providers & Bookable Hours

a. Under Add Resources, click +Add Provider(s). 
b. Select the available providers from the list. 
c. Click Continue
d. Select to keep the duration of the appointment the same as the Booking Reason. 

Note: To adjust the appointment duration to compensate for pre/post-appointment procedures:

  • Click the drop-down menu in the Edit Duration section of the Add Providers window. 
  • Click Custom. 
  • Type the number of minutes in the field provided. 
Note: Making changes to this field will not change the amount of time published to the requesting client. This is an internal adjustment that will ensure your office has enough time for this booking including additional pre/post-op procedures.
  • Click Continue
e. Click the drop-down menu, and select a calendar of Bookable Hours to be applied to the selected Provider(s). 
Note: If you've previously selected to add multiple Providers to an Operatory at once, when adding Bookable Hours, you will only be able to add one calendar to all of the selected providers. 
  • If the Providers' schedules vary, click Cancel, and click +Add Providers. Select only one Provider to add, and apply their specific calendar of Bookable Hours, individually. Continue this process by clicking +Add Providers under the desired Operatory and adding the Provider + Bookable Hours for each individual with a different working schedule.
  • Repeat the steps above for each Operatory & Provider.
f. Continue editing the Booking Reason, and click Save at the bottom-right corner when you've completed your changes. 

Booking Sources

In Booking Sources, designate per provider on which online listings and communications, you'd like the Booking Reason to be available.

To configure this setting: 
a. Open and Booking Reasons, and find the name of the Provider in the list under Booking Sources
b. To the right of the Provider's name, click the checkbox under each Booking Source (ex:  Yelp, Google, Demandforce Local, etc.) on which the Booking Reason should be available.
c. Continue editing the Booking Reasons, and click Save at the bottom-right corner when you've completed your changes. 
Note:  If you do not check the boxes in Booking Sources, the Booking Reason will not surface for the Provider on the Online Booking request page connected to that directory/communication.

Special Instructions

Provide your clients with special instructions prior to their booked appointment time. Special Instructions could include: pre-appointment instructions, early arrival, or additional scheduling instructions. Special Instructions appear on the Booking Request confirmation page and email communications your clients receive upon requesting an appointment. 

a. Click Edit to open a Booking Reason. 
b. Find the Special Instructions section, and type the desired text in the field provided. 
c. Continue editing the Booking Reason, or click Save at the bottom of the screen to close the Booking Reason. 

Cancellation Policy 

Provide your office's cancellation policy for your clients in this field.  The Cancellation Policy, like Special Instructions, is customized per Booking Reason. Cancellation Policy appears on the Booking Request confirmation page as well as on email communications received by your client after they've submitted a Booking Request.

a. Click Edit to open a Booking Reason.
b. Find the Cancellation Policy section at the bottom of the Booking Reason settings.
c. Type the desired text in the provided field. 
d. Continue editing the Booking Reason, or click Save at the bottom of the screen to close the Booking Reason.


Providers that have been detected in your management system are displayed on the Providers tab of the Booking Settings page. From this page you can: 
  • Edit a Provider’s display name 
  • Add/Edit a Provider’s NPI number
  • Manage Provider-specific Calendar Blocks
Instructions for performing each of the listed tasks is included in the sections below.  

Note: If a Provider for which your office schedules appointments is not listed on the Providers tab, or if there are inactive/unused Providers listed that you’d like removed, please contact support for assistance.  

Edit Display Name

The Provider’s Display Name appears on the Online Booking Request interface which your clients access when requesting an appointment with your office. To edit a Provider’s Display Name: 
1. Click to open the Providers tab in Booking Settings
2. Click Edit to the right of the Provider's name.

3. In General Info, click the Display Name field, and type the Provider's name as desired.
Note: You cannot change the Linked Name for a Provider from within the portal.  This is the Provider's name as it appears in your management system. 
4. Click Save. 

Edit NPI Number

1. Click to open the Providers tab in Booking Settings. 
2. Click Edit  to the right of the Provider's name. 
3. In General Info (of the window that appears), click the NPI Number field, and type the National Provider Identification number. 
4. Click Save

Manage Provider Calendar Blocks

Provider calendar blockers can be used to remove availability for a specific provider from the Online Booking calendar based on a date or series of dates.  The calendar blocks can be consecutive or nonconsecutive. Provider calendar blockers are best used for non-recurring days off. Weekly/recurring schedule variations can be configured under Saved Schedules in General Settings.
1. Click to open the Providers tab in Booking Settings
2. Click Edit to the right of the Provider.
3. Click Availability at the top  of the window.

4. Click +Add Calendar Blocker
5. Configure the Start Date and the End Date by clicking the Select date fields and selecting the date from the calendar. 
Note: For a single day calendar block, place the same date in both the Start Date and End Date fields. 
6. To delete a calendar block, click the  garbage can symbol to the right of a calendar blocker. 

7. Click Save. 

General Settings

Universal settings like working schedules & holiday closures are configured on the General Settings page of Online Booking.  Click the  gear symbol at the top-right corner of Online Booking Settings to navigate to General Settings. The following features can be configured in General Settings: 

  • Booking Slot Interval
  • Booking Temporary Hold
  • Reduce Booking Gaps
  • Saved Schedules 
  • Special Hours (holidays/closures)
  • Booking Source Links
    • Create a Custom Booking Source Link
    • Retrieve an Existing Link  
    • Booking Widget Embed Code
  • Email Notifications 
  • Display Order
In the following sections you will find a short description of each setting/configuration as well as instructions for use. 

Booking Slot Interval

The Booking Slot Interval changes the way that slots display on the Online Booking calendar.  You can choose between displaying available slots every 30 minutes or every 60 minutes. This setting does not alter the duration of a requested appointment.  Appointment duration is configured in Booking Reason settings.
  1. Under Booking Slot Interval, click the dropdown menu. 
  2. Select to display slots every 30 minutes or 60 minutes. 
  3. If you’ve completed your changes, click Save to exit. 

Booking Temporary Hold

Booking Temporary Hold designates how many business hours your office will have to schedule an appointment request in your management system before that unfulfilled request is displayed as available once more.

1. Type the number of business hours (1 to 24) that you’d like a request to be held from the Booking calendar. 
Note: If an appointment is requested from the Booking Calendar, but the request is subsequently canceled by that client, you can cancel the Booking Temporary Hold from the Booking Center to allow that available time slot to be returned to the Booking Calendar immediately. 
  • Locate the Booking Request in the Booking Center 
  • Open the Booking Request Details. 
  • Click the action dropdown menu.
  • Click Cancel Hold.
  • Confirm the hold cancellation.
2. If you've completed your changes, click Save to exit. 

Reduce Booking Gaps

Once you’ve completed configuring the Online Booking Calendar, you may preview the Booking Request Calendar and see irregular or uneven booking slots that don’t fit your typical scheduling workflow.  If your office finds that these slots do not fit, and you’d like to eliminate these times, then uncheck the box below Reduce Booking Gaps to shift available time slots to the closest hour or half hour.  

Note: Disabling the Reduce Booking Gaps setting may result in a slight reduction of available time slots on the Booking Calendar. Test Online Booking both with and without this setting configured in order to find the configuration that best suits your needs. 

To enable/disable the Reduce Booking Gaps setting: 

  1. Navigate to Online Booking General Settings
  2. Check (to enable)/Uncheck (to disable) the box below Reduce Booking Gaps in the General Booking Configuration section of General Settings.
  3. If you’ve completed your changes, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Saved Schedules

Saved Schedules are key in determining when a provider is available for scheduling.  Under Saved Schedules in General Settings, one should create schedules for regular business hours and/or providers’ working hours (should they vary from regular office hours).  

Schedules created here will be applied to a Booking Reason until removed or edited.  Saved Schedules can be implemented to control/reduce the quantity of available time slots presented each week on the booking calendar.

Create a Custom Schedule

To create a new weekly schedule:

  1. Click the plus symbol at the top-right corner of Saved Schedules
  2.  Type a Name for the schedule in the New Custom Schedule Name field.
3. Click to insert a range of available hours.

Note:  You can add multiple hour ranges for (a) specific day(s).

  1. To add the hours to each day, click the days of the week to which the hours apply.


  1. Then, click Apply.
  2. Continue this process until you’ve entered all available hours for the office/provider.
  3. Click Done to save the schedule and exit the Custom Schedule panel.


Note:  You can edit this schedule in the future from General Settings > Saved Schedules.  You can also create a custom schedule while building a Booking Reason. 

Edit A Schedule 

To edit a  schedule, under Saved Schedules: 
1. Click the  pencil icon to the right of the schedule you wish to edit. 
2. Make the desired edits. 
Note: Any changes made to an existing schedule will be reflected upon each of the Booking Reasons (provider and/or operatory) to which it is attached. This is an easy solution for making changes to office hours & availability across all Booking Reasons, if the schedule is attached accordingly.  You can view the number of attached Booking Reasons in the dialogue box at the top of the Edit Schedule window. 

3. Once you’ve completed editing the schedule, click Done.  

Duplicate a Schedule 

To duplicate an existing schedule, under Saved Schedules: 
1. Click the copy symbol to the right of the schedule you wish to duplicate. 
2. Type the name of the new schedule in the New Copy field of the Duplicate Schedule window. 
3. Continue to make edits to the duplicated schedule, or if you’ve completed your work, click Done to close the window. 
Note: A duplicated schedule is not automatically attached to Booking Reasons that are connected with the original schedule.  The duplicated schedule must be attached to a Booking Reason in order to be used by navigating to Booking Reason Settings, clicking Edit, and scrolling to the Resources section to configure provider/operatory schedules. 


Delete a Schedule

To delete an existing schedule, under Saved Schedules: 
1. Click the garbage can symbol to the right of the schedule.
2. If the schedule is being used with any active Booking Reasons, select a schedule to replace it from the dropdown list. 

3. Click Delete & Replace. 

Use a Schedule

To apply a schedule to a Booking Reason, follow the instructions in the Add Resources section of this article. Saved Schedules are applied to a provider when adding them as a Resource to a Booking Reason.  During this step, you are asked to Edit Bookable Hours for the Provider (see image below)

Note: Once applied to a Booking Reason, a Saved Schedule can be edited in General Settings.  The changes will reflect across all Booking Reasons (Providers & Operatories) to which the schedule is connected (see image below). 

Quick View 

To quickly view a Saved Schedule: 
1. Click the eye symbol to the right of the schedule. 
2. Click Done to close the window. 

Special Hours


The Special Hours section of General Settings is reserved for national holidays and annually recurring office closures.  We’ve included a few standard closures, but you can create your own custom calendar blocks for annual/recurring events. Keep in mind that a Special Hours calendar block removes availability for all Providers & Booking Reasons on the selected dates. 

Add Special Hours

To add a Special Hours closure to the Online Booking calendar: 
1. Click the  plus symbol at the top-right of the Special Hours box.
2. Under the dropdown menu under Date Name* click the applicable date from the options, or select Custom to create your own.
3. Click the “Make this occur annually” checkbox if applicable.
4. Click Add Date.  

Delete Special Hours

Deleting Special Hours, will remove that closure/calendar block from the booking calendar. To delete Special Hours:

1. Click the  trash can symbol to the right of a listed closure.
2. Click Delete to confirm the change. 
3. Continue editing settings, or click Save at the bottom of the page to close General Settings.

Custom Special Hours

You can create your own custom Special Hours closure if one of the template Special Hours closure doesn’t suit your needs:
1. Click the  plus symbol at the top-right of the Special Hours section in General Settings. 
2. Click to open the dropdown menu under Date Name*. 
3. Scroll through the list, and click Custom Date.
4. Enter a Name for the Custom Date. 
5. Enter a Date Selection by clicking the appropriate field, and typing in a start & end date in MM/DD/YYYY format. 
Note: If your Custom Date includes only 1 day of closure, type the same date in both fields under Date Selection*. You can make a closure apply to only part of a day from the Special Hours section of General Settings.
6. Click the checkbox beside Make this occur annually to apply this setting. 
7. Click Add Date. 

Partial Special Hours

To make a Special Hour closure apply only to a portion of the day, from the Special Hours section of General Settings: 
1. Click the checkbox next to No Bookings All Day to the right of the Special Hour closure. 
2. Click the dropdown menus to select a beginning and end time for partial office hours.
3. Click Save  at the bottom of the screen once you’ve completed your changes.

Custom Booking Sources 

Custom Booking Sources under General Settings allows you to create & retrieve links to be used on listings, webpages, and directories that will inform Online Booking on the sources of requests. You 
In the Custom Booking Sources section of General Settings, you can:
  • Retrieve a link to the Online Booking feature to be used with “Book Online” Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons on sites like: 
    • Facebook
    • Google 
    • Yelp 
  • Create your own custom links for additional web pages, directories, and/or listings with “Book Online” functionality and CTA buttons. 
  • Retrieve an embed code to place the Online Booking widget on your business website. 

Create a Custom Booking Source Link

Should your office want to source Online Booking requests from additional websites or directories not included as a default in Custom Booking Sources, you can create a Custom Booking Source Link using the website or listing URL with the instructions below: 
1. Click the  gear symbol to open General Settings. 
2. Scroll to Custom Booking Sources. 
3. Click the  plus symbol at the top-right of Custom Booking Sources.
4. Type a recognizable Website Name in the field provided.
5. Paste the Website URL in the space provided. 
6. Click Add Custom Site. 
7. A Get Embed Code and Get Link button will be available to the right of the newly added Custom Booking Source. 
8. Continue making edits to General Settings, or click Save at the bottom of the page.

Retrieve a Booking Source Link

Facebook, Yelp, and Google are default links which can be retrieved from within the Custom Booking Sources section of Online Booking. To retrieve a default link: 
1. Click the gear symbol to open General Settings. 
2. Scroll to the Booking Source Link section. 
3. Click Get Link next to the listing of your choice. 
4. Click Copy Link, and paste the link in the applicable field for a Booking CTA (Call-to-Action) button on your chosen website/listing.

Add Online Booking to Your Listings

You can retrieve a Custom Booking Source Link from General Settings and apply it to a CTA button like this to source Booking Requests from webpages like Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp. This means that your clients can easily request an appointment with your office from any one of your web listings.
A Facebook CTA(Call-to-Action) button "Book Now" is illustrated in the image below. When  the client clicks Book Now, they will be directed to the Online Booking Request page.

Use the instructions in the previous section of this article- "Retrieve a Booking Source Link" + the corresponding listing's instructions (below) to accomplish this task. 
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the Appointments field. 
  • Paste the link from the Google Custom Booking Source in the window. 
  • Click Apply
  • Your Custom Booking Source link will appear next to Appointments on your Google My Business profile & listing (image below). 


Booking Widget Embed Code 

Should you want to add the Online Booking widget to your business webpage, you can collect an embed code from General Settings in the Custom Booking Sources section. You will use the embed code in your website builder, or give this code to your webmaster to be applied to your webpage.

Retrieve an embed code: 
1. Click the  gear symbol to open General Settings. 
2. Scroll to Custom Booking Sources. 
3. Click the Get Embed Code button to the right of the Custom Site for which you’d like to generate the code.
Note: You must create a Custom Booking Source in order to generate an Online Booking embed code. Follow the instructions in the previous section to find out how to Create a Custom Booking Source Link.
4. Click Copy Code, and paste the embed code into the appropriate field in your website builder, or forward it to your webmaster to be programmed into your website.    

Add Booking Widget to Business Webpage
The following instructions will walk you through the process of adding the Online Booking Widget to your business website.  this allows your clients to request appointments with Online Booking directly from your website. 
Note: The instructions below are aligned with an in-house website builder, navigation & details may differ across various platforms.  For your convenience we've included links below to other website builders' support articles detailing how to add custom/embed code to their websites. 
If you employ a webmaster or company to manage your business website, you can send an email to their support team requesting that the booking widget be embedded on your page/site.  In the request email include:  the embed code (copied from General Settings) & the location which you'd prefer the Online Booking widget appear. 

1. Locate the embed code under Custom Booking Sources in General Settings.
Note: Click Get Embed Code next to the Booking Source.

2. Click Copy Code

3. In your website builder/editor, add a new module/section to your site. 

4. Select the type of module/section to add (here, it is an "editable module;" it may also appear as an embed or custom code module).

5.Name the module/component, if applicable

6. Save/Submit the module to apply it to your webpage.
7. Click Edit (or similar function) to edit the newly added module.

Note:  For some web editors/builders, you may be able to paste the copied embed code upon creating a new module instead of creating, saving, and then editing a module.  In this case, proceed with copying & pasting the embed code from General Settings when you create the new webpage module.  In these instructions, we assume that you must first add and then access the new module to edit & apply the embed code.

8. Click the < > icon (or similar function/button) to access HTML-editing mode. 

9. Erase any existing code, if necessary


10. Paste the embed code in the space/field. 

11. Click the < > icon to exit HTML-editing mode. 

12. Save your changes, if applicable
Note: The Online Booking widget should populate in the field on your webpage. If you experience problems adding the DF website widget on your business webpage, please contact your web builder's support team or consult their resource center for more detailed instructions on "adding a custom code module" and/or "adding HTML content" to your webpage.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are either sent automatically after an appointment has been requested or once action has been taken from the Booking Center. These notifications ensure that your clients understand: 
  • The details of their requested Booking.
  • The Booking Request has been accepted.
  • The Booking Request has been rescheduled.
  • The appointment has been booked in the management system.
You can manage the email notifications your clients receive using the following instructions: 
1. Click the  gear symbol to open General Settings
2. Scroll to the Email Notifications section. 
3. Toggle On/Off the desired communication(s). 
4. Continue making edits, or click Save at the bottom of the page. 
Note: You can preview a communication by clicking the eye symbol to the right of each. If you currently have the Save the Date Reminder on your Reminder Plus plan, your clients will not receive 2 notifications for “Appointment Booked.”  Only the Save the Date Reminder will be sent. 

Display Order 

You can adjust the order in which your Booking Reasons appear during the Online Booking request flow.  Once you’ve created Booking Reasons, the options will populate in the Display Order section of General Settings
To change the Display Order of your Booking Reasons click and drag them to the correct placement. Then, click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Booking Reasons that are turned off will show up in Display Order but will not appear in the Online Booking request flow.  Keep in mind that Booking Reasons designated for New and Returning clients only populate for the respective flow.  If a client selects that they are a new client on the first step of the flow, then they will not see Booking Reasons designated solely for returning clients. 

Booking Center 

The Booking Center is where you will see the result of your Online Booking efforts and complete appointment request tasks.  In the Booking Center, your office can: 
  • Analyze your booking request statistics
  • Manage booking requests 
  • Accept, Reschedule, Flag for Review, Delete 
In the following sections, you will find explanations for the data available in the Booking Center as well as instructions for managing booking requests.

Booking Center Data

Located at the top of the Booking Center are your booking statistics.  In this area, you will find graphical illustrations of your booking request demographics.  Further down the page, are all of the booking requests submitted through Online Booking.  Read the following sections for brief explanations of the data displayed in the Booking Center.

Booking Requests

Each time a client requests an appointment, the booking request will be displayed in the Booking Center. Your office will manage your requests from the Booking Center. Further instructions for managing appointment requests are in the Managing Booking Requests section of this article.  Here, we will cover details of the information listed within your Booking Request.

Booking Statistics 
At the top of the Booking Center are your Booking Request stats. In this section you can find useful information like: 
  • Total number of Booking Requests
  • Distribution of new & returning booking requests
  • Booking Sources
  • Distribution of Booking Requests from each source
To view your Online Booking stats for a different period of time other than the current month:
1. Click the  filter symbol at the top-right of the statistics panel.. 
2. Select a period of time from the drop-down menu, or click Custom Range, and type a period time in the spaces provided.

To sort & filter the Booking Requests under All Bookings: 
1. Click the  filter symbol at the top-right of the All Bookings section.
2. Select the filter options from the drop-down menu. 
3. Click Apply Filter(s).
4. Click Clear to remove filter options.

You can download your Booking Requests as a CSV file: 
1. Click the download symbol at the top-right of the All Bookings section. 
2. Your file will be downloaded to your browser window, momentarily. 

Manage Booking Requests

There are multiple ways to manage Booking Requests found in the Booking Center.  In the following sections, you will find instructions for each action that can be used to manage a Booking Request.


To accept a Booking Request: 

1. From the Booking Center, click the  caret symbol to the right of a request to open the Booking Information
2. Click Accept.
Note: A green banner with Appointment Scheduled will appear, and the client will receive the Appointment Confirmation email which can be previewed on the General Settings page.

Flag for Review

You can flag a Booking Request for review. This is useful when many users are managing Booking Requests, and you’d like to indicate that the office is waiting on response or confirmation from the requester. Request flags are only visible internally only among Online Booking users.  

To flag a Booking Request for review: 
1. From the Booking Center, click the  caret symbol to the right of a Booking Request to open the Booking Information. 
2. Click to open the drop-down menu at the bottom-left of the request detail.
3. Click Flag for Review. Your changes will appear momentarily after an on-screen confirmation.
Note: You can leave a note on the Booking Request using the instructions in the following section. 
Cancel Hold

You can check the status of the Booking Temporary Hold from within the Booking Center in the Booking Information section of a request.  To find the hold status for a request. 

1. Navigate to the Booking Center
2. Locate the Booking Request you'd like to check. 
3. Click the caret symbol to open Booking Information.
4. Find the Hold Status to the right of Hold under Booking Information

If a client contacts your office to cancel a Booking Request, you should cancel the Booking Temporary Hold to make the requested (held) time slot available on the Booking Calendar.  You can perform this action from the Booking Center.  To cancel a Booking Temporary Hold: 

1. From the Booking Center, click the  caret symbol to the right of the requested appointment to open the Booking Information.
2. Click to open the action drop-down menu at the bottom left of the request detail. 

3. Click Cancel Hold
4. Confirm the action by clicking Cancel Hold.
Note: Should you delete or reschedule an appointment request in the Booking Center, the Booking Temporary Hold will be cancelled automatically. 

Add a Note

If you’ve flagged a Booking Request for review, you may also want to leave a note with further detail regarding the flag.  You can add internal notes to a Booking Request using the +ADD NOTE feature in Booking Information. Notes are not visible to the client. 

To add a note to a Booking Request: 
1. From the Booking Center, click the  caret symbol to the right of a Booking Request to open the Booking Information. 
2. Click +ADD NOTE to the right of the Booking Information.
3. Type your note in the field provided. 
4. Click Save

In the event that you need to reschedule a Booking Request, you can utilize the Reschedule feature in the Booking Center to change the status of the request and  send an email communication to your client with their new booking details.  

To Reschedule a Booking Request: 
1. From the Booking Center, click the  caret symbol to the right of a Booking Request to open the Booking Information. 
2. Click to open the drop-down menu at the bottom-left of the request detail.
3. Click Reschedule. 
4. In the window that appears, select a New Date* for the appointment from the calendar. 
5. Type the New Time* for the rescheduled appointment in HH:MM format. 
6. Select AM or PM  from the drop-down menu. 
7. Type additional Comments for the client in the field provided. 
8. Click SendYour changes will appear momentarily after an on-screen confirmation.
Note:  Based on your settings, your client will receive an Appointment Rescheduled email with the revised appointment details. This email can be viewed from Email Notifications General Settings in Online Booking. 


If a Booking Request is invalid, you can delete the request from the Booking Center.
To delete a Booking Request: 

1. Click the  caret symbol to the right of a Booking Request to open the Booking Information. 
2. Click to open the drop-down menu at the bottom-left of the request detail.
3. Click Delete.
4. Click Delete to confirm your changes in the dialogue box that appears.